Robyn Sedgwick
General Manager

Robyn has an amazing hubby who loves Jesus. They have 3 handsome boys. Her quiver is full! (Psalm 127:5). She also has the cutest little yorkie! In her spare time, Robyn can be found singing on the praise team and in the choir of her church. She loves to spend time with her family and friends. And when she has some extra time, she loves to knit. Robyn’s favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11.

Weekday Host
9AM to 2PM


Rick became a follower of Jesus in his senior year in high school. A girlfriend told him about Jesus Christ and how his death on the cross paid for our sins to be forgiven so we could have eternal life. Rick had been to church many times before, but somehow never got that message. Through her encouragement and through some Christian music, he decided that he needed Jesus in his life and was born again. Today, he is married to his wife, Lisa and has a son who has served as a Marine in Iraq, and a daughter who served in the Air Force. Both are also followers of Jesus.

Rick started in Christian radio in 1978 less than a year out of high school. He worked many various Christian radio jobs during his career in various markets, mostly in Texas and the Denver/ Colorado Springs area in Colorado. In the 90’s, he worked for Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado for 6 years.

Rick has also worked for two nationwide satellite Christian radio networks. Today, he not only works for KTLF, but has his own company in which he does voiceover work for hundreds of Christian radio stations across the U.S., Canada and in places as far away as Nairobi Kenya. It’s very likely, as you listen to Christian stations around the country, you will hear his voice on other stations. Rick’s passion in life is to see believers built up and non-believers reached through Christian radio.

His favorite Bible verse: Jeremiah 33:3 “Call upon me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you do not know.”

Host of The Ride Home
Weekdays 2PM to 6:30PM

Elly’s immediate “family” is furry and adorable, consisting of two Tzu’s and one Himalayan Persian cat. Elly likes to hang out with her pets, researching the newest DIY’s, finding homemade recipes for various lotions & cleaning products, and gardening. She also enjoys her church fellowship. Her favorite Bible verse is Psalm 25:14.